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Commonly Asked Questions & Answers

No more boring parties or team building events. Axe throwing is a total immersive event and the perfect social outing. It is an “out of the box” experience that will provide an event to remember that allows your guests to blow off steam, relieve stress, try something new, and feel empowered like never before! It’s as high energy as you want it to be.

The popularity of the sport has drastically taken off in the US and around the world, and has become a favorite hobby or pastime, as well as a professional sport seen on the ESPN channel. You don’t have to be strong or experienced to have fun! Anyone can do it with coaching and encouragement.

See our us vs. them page!  This will clear it up!

Axe throwing is similar to other target sports. Safety is our #1 priority. With Moving Target ATL mobile axe throwing, each participant is inside the trailer venue during play. This allows the controlables to be better managed than with many side-by-side lanes or free standing lanes where participants throw from the ground. As long as you follow the safety rules and regulations, you will not only feel safe, you will have a blast! Follow the rules and use common sense and you will be good.

This is not a sport of strength or power.  In fact, throwing too hard or powerful can actually hinder the performance.  It is all about finesse and control.  With your Axe-pert by your side, you will not only learn basic technique, but will be coached along the way.  

We take safety very seriously and feel that there is an age limit to who can truly understand the seriousness of handling an axe safely. We also pride ourselves in our excellent insurance coverage (which frowns on young children with access to axes). With this in mind, anyone over 18 may play with a signed waiver and a valid photo ID. Anyone 13-17 may play with a parent or legal guardian onsite and present throughout the event with a signed waiver and valid photo ID.

Moving Target ATL offers so much more than just an dual lane axe throwing trailer!

We provide prompt and efficient delivery and removal, full set up of one of our axe throwing trailers with two regulation lanes, our own (quiet) generator if needed for all power needs, all axes/hatchets or tomahawks needed, lights, music, (genre of host’s choice), yard games for added interaction of your guests, an inflatable axe lane* for kids or those not wanting to do the real thing (but we can’t imagine that!). We also break down the unit and clean up whatever we brought with us so you don’t have that on your plate.

*The inflatable lane is by request only, weather permitting and if set up space permits.

Our event team consists of two or three event managers including your coach for the event, your Axe-pert, who will create the energy and enthusiasm throughout the event with mini games, elimination tournaments, or whatever we come up with for your individual event!

Your Axe-pert will rally the guests and get the excitement going from the start, give a safety briefing, and teach initial axe throwing techniques. They will challenge you, encourage you to go outside of your comfort zone, and be by your side giving ongoing coaching tips and direction.

Free delivery up to 30 miles (1 way) from 30066. Mileage fees apply for events over 30 miles from our base location.

You most definitely want to be comfortable; axe throwing is a physical activity. With this said, the only clear REQUIREMENT we have is you must wear closed toe shoes. We ask that no one wears high heels.   

Our favorite events are where the host specifies guests come dressed in their flannel or best lumberjack gear. We have seen it all! Remember the elements and that it can be a workout, so be prepared with layers since we are an outdoor event. 

Each of our trailers is pulled by a truck to your event location. We will need to have the accessibility for arrival and set up with this in mind. The clearance must be a minimum of 14 ft high and a mostly level area that is a minimum of 23 ft. long x 10 ft. wide. It is the responsibility of the host to make sure there is easy accessibility and proper clearance for the truck and trailer and that proper approval for placement is cleared before the event is booked.  

We accept credit cards including Mastercard and Visa. We accept exact cash payments for onsite pay-to-play partnership events. For private parties and corporate events, we can accept a check that is received and cleared by the bank no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled event. Note: A 3.8% credit card fee will apply to all deposits and balance due payments. Axe-pert gratuity is not included in event quotes.

PLEASE remember your Axe-perts! They give you great tips and love to get some in return! Axe-perts accept cash (of course!) and Venmo for onsite tips. 

Private events and corporate events:
We require a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. The event balance must be paid in full no later than 2 weeks prior to the scheduled event. If your event date is within 14 days of booking date, we do require the full payment at the time of booking. All sales are final. 

If something comes up, we will do our best to work with you to reschedule an alternate date for your event, provided we have a minimum of 14 days notice in writing via email. Events will only be rescheduled one time or full payment will be forfeited. 

Any event cancelled due to inclement weather where we feel it is unsafe to set up will be rescheduled on another available date. Remember, our lanes and targets are covered!  

Business partnerships and festivals/fairs:
We require a 50% non-refundable deposit to be placed and promoted on our website and social media accounts. The other 50% will be charged on arrival prior to set up on event date. We are unable to accept checks for the payment onsite. 

Advanced session bookings:
We require payment in full to book a session online to secure your specific time at a scheduled event. There are no refunds, but a credit will be honored in the case of inclement weather where we can not set up.

Yes.  Please keep in mind that our Axe-perts are with you and/or your guests for the entire event.  Axe throwing is a service and tipping/gratuities should be similar to that of a tour guide or a server.  We can add a prepaid gratuity at the time of booking. A gratuity of 18% of the total event cost is required for all private parties, corporate events, or venue buyouts. For pay to play events, you can add the gratuity to your participant fee, or the Axe-pert can accept cash, or payment through Venmo onsite during the event. Take care of your Axe-pert. They work hard! *Gratuities are not included in the event quotes. 

We assure you that your safety is important to us. With mobile axe throwing, we bring the fun to you! You control the guest list of any private events eliminating the interactions with strangers unlike a brick and mortar establishment.

For business partnerships or festivals/fairs, we suggest you follow all CDC recommendations that you would for attending or visiting the venue we are partnering with. 

We sanitize axes frequently and fully sanitize the mobile venue after each event. We wipe down all high touch areas often and provide only two participants at a time in the lane. Ultimately, you choose if you want to participate, and we understand if you opt out with concerns regarding your health. Please review our COVID-19 clause on the home page.

We can provide a ground level target exclusively for wheelchair access if requested 2+ weeks in advance during the quote and booking process. We must know of this requirement at the time of booking.  Note: The ground level target will only be used by guests who are wheelchair bound due to safety precautions and insurance. We do not have the ability to get wheelchairs onto the trailer. 

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