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There are many things that set us apart from other Mobile Axe Throwing companies.

One thing you can always count on with Moving Target ATL is QUALITY and PROFESSIONALISM far above the rest!

We didn't cut corners in any way, and the attention to detail shows in everything we provide from the initial quote process to the follow up after your event.


Here are a few ways Moving Target ATL stands above the others:

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Excellent General Liability Insurance each of our mobile units.
Certificate can be provided on request.

Minimum liability on mobile trailer (if at all). Be sure to verify insurance specifically for the MOBILE unit.

Quality build:
Integrated rough sawn wood/industrial metal and mesh sides built on a deck over platform (Either an 18 or 20 ft. trailer deck depending on trailer) creating full size regulation lanes and targets.  Each lane has 2 targets with adequate space between targets. This requires a full 8½ ft. wide trailer width to comply.

Basic build:
Often chain link or chicken wire sides built usually on a flat deck trailer creating more narrow lanes or close targets. May have free standing targets where players throw from the ground instead of an enclosed trailer experience. 

Cottonwood/Poplar used for targets. Three times the price, but provides a better throwing experience for all.

Pine boards used for targets. These are easily accessible and inexpensive boards that are not optimal for an inexperienced axe thrower.  

2-layer fully covered lanes and targets for a worry free experience.  We can handle light rain without issue.  With our lanes completely covered, throwers don’t get wet, and the host doesn’t fret!  Our spectator awnings are being ordered and will be installed upon arrival. 

Uncovered or partially covered lanes that could cause events to be rescheduled even with a little rain or they will be very wet trailers/lanes.  (Not the safest situation by far.)

Consistently well maintained targets. We will deliver a product you will be proud to have for your guests or customers!

More worn, overused, or faded targets.

Mobile events are our only business. 
We invest all of our time and effort into making our mobile venues the best around regarding quality, consistency, and the overall event experience. Our quality unit and substantial buildout speaks for itself!

Many Axe Throwing companies have a brick and mortar location as their main business focus, and add a mobile unit as an option. These may be free standing targets or less substantial, smaller trailers.

More than 20 years direct guest service experience with over 3½ years axe throwing operations management.

Minimal experience or new to the axe throwing industry.

Venue partnership Options! 
Book ahead for specific time slots for mini sessions, OR unlimited throwing rotations sessions. Venue choice.

Walk-up pay-per-throw option.

Event-based pricing model for competition game play and an interactive and immersive experience for venue partnership play.

Usually priced at a five or ten throw price similar to a carnival game. Often priced up to $2.00 PER THROW.
It’s hard to learn basic technique in 10 throws, and almost impossible to do in 5 quick throws.

No bribery to customers for reviews. Instead, we provide an exceptional experience and hope you will WANT to review us!

Extra time or extra throws for reviews to boost ratings.

What else sets us apart?

Sideline observation "heckler/cheer" bars. The best seat in the house for players and spectators.

Electronic scorekeeping system on our mounted tablets to keep the competition visible and engaging for players/ spectators.   

Glow in the dark options available for glow throw. Additional fee for this service. Night events only.

Lighting, effects and more for night events.

Music and PA system- host genre selection or our house axe throwing music playlist.

Fun photo options with our custom tag line social media shields. 

Oversized yard games available free with booked events.

Quick turn around on quote requests seven days a week.

CPR and first aid certified staff onsite.

 The 2 layer roof with a wood interior layer will keep you from direct sun and/or weather elements. Unit fans are mounted to assist with air flow making the players more comfortable in the summer, and heaters are added to take the chill off in the winter. 

100% professionalism from start to finish. You’ll be glad you chose us!

We were not the first to the market but we are committed to being the BEST in the market. Our guest service experience, high quality mobile units, targets, and interactive game model will speak for itself.        

If you haven’t experienced Moving Target ATL, you haven’t experienced quality Mobile Axe Throwing! 


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